The last two articles have been praising Sony just a bit too much, so here’s a survey, well sales figures anyway, for mobile phones in Japan

For the second quarter of this year, the sales by manufacturers of mobile phones for all networks in Japan was as follows:

Panasonic 18.3%
Sharp 16.6%
NEC 14.4%
Toshiba 12.7%
Others 38.0%

The total sales for the quarter was 10,650,000 handsets, down 3.2% from the same quarter last year. 3G handsets made up 74.9% of the total, with the 3G share predicted to be around 90% by the last quarter of the year.<

Sony don’t seem able to make a good mobile. They have their own scroll wheel-like interfaace, but it doesn’t seem to be that popular, and their current flagship, the Premini-II, is absolutely tiny (and the original even tinier), but since the majority of users are heavy emailers, the virtually unusable keyboard and the screen that requires squinting doesn’t sell very well.


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