There’s been a survey of parents who carry their pre-school children on pedal bikes, and surprise, surprise, barely one in twenty actually makes their kid wear a helmet. The Japan Traffic Safety Association plan a campaign to persuade parents to protect their children. The gory details are as follows:

Sample size – 7,194 from all around the country, interviewed in February and March of this year around various creches and nurseries. The sex breakdown of the sample is implied to be all female. Note that the “Not clear” answer means that the mark on the answer sheet could not be read or was completed incorrectly, as this was a survey for people to fill out by themselves.

Q1: Have you (or anyone in your family) ridden your bike with a child on board?

Yes 59.8%
No 39.9%
Don’t know 0.2%
Not clear 0.1%

Q2: If you have, have you had an accident with a child on board within the last year? (Sample size=4302)

Yes 13.1%
No 86.6%
Don’t know 0.0%
Not clear 0.3%

Q3: If you have had an accident, how many times within the last year? (Sample size=564)

Once 70.4%
Twice 21.3%
Thrice 4.8%
Four times 1.2%
Five times or more 0.7%
Don’t know 0.7%
Not clear 0.9%

Q4: If you have had an accident, how many children riding were injured? If more than one accident in the last year, describe the more recent one. (Sample size=564)

One 82.6%
Two 16.1%
Three 0.2%
Four or more 0.0%
Not clear 1.1%

Q5: What were the ages of those injured in Q4? (Sample size=651 children)

0 years old 0.9%
1 year old 12.0%
2 years old 19.0%
3 years old 19.8%
4 years old 21.4%
5 years old 15.4%
6 years old 8.3%
7 years or older 0.5%
Don’t know 0.2%
Not clear 2.6%

Q6: Where were those injured in Q4 riding? (Sample size=651 children)

Child seat in front of the handlebars 13.8%
Child seat between handlebars and saddle 27.3%
Child seat behind saddle 48.2%
Non-child seat use luggage rack 5.4%
Piggy-backing on rider 0.5%
Don’t know 0.5%
Other 1.7%
Not clear 2.6%

Sadly, we don’t have a figure to say where children normally ride, in order to give some sort of idea if certain locations may lead to more accidents.

Q7: Which part of the body was most seriously injured? (Sample size=651 children)

Head 17.7%
Face 11.4%
Shoulders 0.2%
Chest 0.0%
Stomach 0.5%
Back 0.2%
Bottom 0.2%
Hands or arms 16.1%
Feet or legs 43.6%
Don’t know 3.2%
Other 3.8%
Not clear 3.2%

Q8: How serious was the injury? (Sample size=651 children)

Over two weeks in hospital 0.2%
One day to two weeks in hospital 0.2%
A number of out-patient/clinic visits 7.1%
One out-patient/clinc visit 6.0%
Didn’t visit doctor 64.8%
Don’t know 0.5%
Other 18.1%
Not clear 3.2%

Sadly, here there is no cross-referencing between location of injury and seriousness of injury.

Q9: Was the child wearing a helmet when injured? (Sample size=651 children)

Yes 1.2%
No 96.3%
Don’t know 0.0%
Not clear 2.5%

Q10: Whereabouts was the bike when the accident occurred? (Sample size=564 accidents)

When going across a step (kerb etc) 9.4%
When turning left or right 6.9%
When moving away from a stop 14.0%
When stopping 5.0%
When moving in another fashion 13.8%
When parking (engaging or disengaging stand, etc) 35.8%
When pushing bike 5.5%
Don’t know 0.7%
Other 7.4%
Not clear 1.4%

Q11: What was the cause of the accident? (Sample size=564 accidents)

Wheel hit a rut or obstacle avoidance caused loss of balance 56.0%
Collision with other bicycle or motorbike 3.5%
Collision with car 3.4%
Collision with pedestrian 0.7%
Collision with other object 2.5%
Child fell out of seat, etc 8.5%
Child got foot trapped in wheel, etc 9.0%
Don’t know 5.9%
Other 6.7%
Not clear 3.7%

Q12: Did you notify the police after the accident? (Sample size=564 accidents)

Yes 2.5%
No 95.0%
Don’t know 0.4%
Not clear 2.1%

Q13: If you did not notify the police after the accident, why not? (Sample size=536 accidents)

No serious injuries 59.0%
I didn’t think it was necessary to report bicycle accidents when riding 11.4%
I didn’t think it was necessary to report bicycle accidents when pushing or parking 10.3%
I didn’t think it was necessary to report bicycle accidents involving only myself 6.2%
It wasn’t on the public road, but private land at home, etc 6.9%
Don’t know 2.2%
Other 3.7%
Not clear 0.4%

Q14: If you answered Yes in Q1, do you use a child helmet when riding? (Sample size=4302 women)

Always use 1.2%
Sometimes use 1.4%
Never use 95.4%
Don’t know 0.1%
Not clear 1.9%

Q15: If you answered Always or Sometimes in Q14, for what reasons do you use a child helmet when riding? Multiple answers allowed. (Sample size=112 women)

There’s lots of accidents, and I’ve seen and heard information about this 52.7%
Family or friends recommended I use it 22.3%
Reduce risk, increase safety 18.8%
Experienced accidents or injury 8.0%
Family or friends have had an accident 7.1%
Obligatory abroad, obligation to parents 4.5%
Bicycle shop recommendation 3.6%
Children want to 2.7%
Requested to wear one riding to nursery, etc 0.9%
Municipality recommendation 0.9%
Nursery, creche, etc recommended it 0.0%
Don’t know 0.0%
Other 10.7%
Not clear 0.0%

Q15: If you answered Never in Q14, for what reasons do you not use a child helmet when riding? Multiple answers allowed. (Sample size=4105 women)

I didn’t know a helmet was needed when going to nursery, etc 41.8%
It’s troublesome 28.9%
It’s extra luggage 24.1%
I don’t know where they are sold 23.6%
I don’t ride so as to cause injury 16.7%
Children don’t want to wear it 15.3%
I don’t know how effective they are 13.1%
The price is high 10.3%
Frequency is low (ie won’t use it much?) 4.7%
Never thought of it or been aware of it 3.3%
Not seen many people around me wearing them 2.3%
Don’t know 4.2%
Other 10.0%
Not clear 0.2%

Q16: Within the last year, have you attended road saftey lectures for guardians or families? (Sample size=7194 women)

Yes 9.3%
No 87.0%
Don’t know 2.1%
Not clear 1.6%

Q17: What measures do you think would be effective to avoid serious accidents? (Sample size=7194 women)

Sufficient safety education for guardians 68.9%
Child helmets when riding two-up 48.6%
Flatten kerbs on pavements 47.8%
Accident risk warning posters 46.3%
Stricter road safety laws for bicycle riders 26.0%
Develop a bicycle that’s hard to fall off 25.6%
Other 5.9%
Don’t know 2.2%
Not clear 1.4%

Q18: Regarding making wearing of child helmets compulsory, what do you think should be done? (Sample size=7194 women)

Should make it compulsory immediately (to Q19) 31.2%
Too soon to make it compulsory (to Q20) 21.1%
I couldn’t accept it being compulsory (to Q21) 33.8%
Don’t know 12.6%
Not clear 1.3%

Q19: For what reasons should it be made compulsory immediately? (Sample size=2246 women)

Increasing the safety of children should be a priority 91.3%
If it’s not compulsory, no-one will use them 72.0%
I’ve seen and heard about lots of accidents occurring 26.9%
Other countries make it mandatory 5.4%
My family or friend’s children have been injured 5.1%
Don’t know 0.0%
Other 6.0%
Not clear 0.0%

Q20: For what reasons do you think it is too soon to make them compulsory? (Sample size=1520 women)

The level of awareness amongst guardians is not high enough to make it compulsory 84.5%
There are few shops selling them 28.8%
I don’t know by how much it would reduce head injury 27.5%
Price is high 26.3%
Limited range of models 18.6%
Other 13.2%
Don’t know 0.8%
Not clear 0.3%

Q21: For what reasons could you not accept them being compulsory? (Sample size=2428 women)

It is better if the guardian decides 69.3%
Children won’t like wearing them 35.5%
Extra luggage to carry 31.3%
Takes money 29.5%
Even if used, I don’t think head injuries will decrease 16.4%
Other 15.7%
Don’t know 1.9%
Not clear 0.5%

Q22: How often do you ride with a child on board? (Sample size=7194 women)

Just about every day 20.2%
Three or four times a week 7.6%
One or two times a week 8.0%
Two or three times a month 9.0%
Almost never ride together 10.5%
Almost never ride a bike at all 43.4%
Not clear 1.4%
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