First off is Trivia no Izumi (“The Fountain of Trivia”), probably my favourite program on Japanese TV as it deadpans its way through often very silly trivia, with many exceptionally-well conceived little films to explain the stories. There’s a very famous book and comic book and web page and film and TV series and cuddly toy and kitchen sink, The Train Man (Densha Otoko), which traces the story (probably true, on the whole) of a guy after he helps a woman being hassled by a drunk. So, Trivia no Izumi decided to put the story to the test, by setting up a situation where a typical Akihabara geek encounters a young woman being harrassed by some middle-aged guy. So, all these pasty-faced weeds encountered a woman being verbally abused, and we got to watch as the guys tried to screw up enough courage to intervene. Much to my surprise, but then again, since they all had no doubt seen Densha Otoko and knew the story, maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised, of the 100 guys (including one in a Sailor Moon-like suit!) that encountered the situation, 69 intervened to try to protect the woman. Rather a heartening result, I thought!

Next stat off the telly was from London Boots. It’s too complicated to explain, but basically they get 10 male comedians (mostly) and get 100 random women between 18 and 45 to rank them in various categories.
This week’s show was to select who looks to be of the least calibre (or least classy). The “winner” was GEKIDAN Hitori (a stage name that roughly translates to “one-man theatre troupe”, and who, by sheer coincidence, seems to appear in the TV version of Densha Otoko!) and amongst the reasons that people gave for choosing him, was that he looked like the sort of person who’d post anonymously to 2 Channel with a positive review of himself. When presented with this opinion on the show, he did in fact admit to making a posting just like that on another star’s home page!

And now to the point of this post – the comment about pumping yourself anonymously (ooh-er missus) rung true a bit with me – I must say I have been tempted to do that with this blog at the various blog aggregating sites. But no, I want to see how, or even if this blog can float up the rankings without resorting to cheap tricks.


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