Had a hard day at the office today, so no translations. Sorry folks.

Now, some stuff about blogging – if you just want links, signing up for some of these blog collectives is a good way of doing it. I use Blog Explosion, amongst others, which seems a good way to force traffic to your site. It’s probably very low-quality eyeballs, but I’m just starting here, so any exposure is welcome.

Google has also picked me up indirectly, but not found my address directly yet. I have a short-term goal to get into the top page for a search on seron, and a longer-term goal for a different phrase, which I won’t publicise so as not to artifically get it pumped by any well-meaning reader. Once I get the second goal, I will seriously work on monetising this blog.

Back to BlogExplosion – browsing the links proves Sturgeon’s Law, I’m afraid! There’s been a couple of interesting and fully pages, but mostly… sigh!

I use HTML-Kit to edit this page. You can’t go wrong at the price, and although a little unwieldy – I wish tables were easier! – it does the business. Blogger’s own WYSIWYG editor doesn’t work properly on Opera, and anyway it’s good to save stuff off-line too just in case.

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