Found this survey at BizMarketing regarding portable music players. The fieldwork was carried out over the Internet by members of BizMarketing Survey (must look into that to see if there’s free money for taking surveys!) from April 27th to May 9th of this year, with 4,279 respondents.

Q1: What brand first comes to mind when thinking of portable music

iPod 72.6%
Walkman 9.1%
Other (or none) 18.3%

Q2: What type of portable music player do you use the most?

MD player 40.8%
CD player 28.0%
iPod series 13.4%
Other hard disk or flash memory player 17.8%

Q3: When you bought your portable music player (or when you will buy) what are the (up to) 3 most important things?

Price 61.0%
Size/weight 43.2%
Design 31.5%
Audio quality 27.0%
Maker/brand 25.6%
Usability 23.9%
Can record lots of of tracks 15.6%
Long playback time 12.8%
Type of recording media 11.2%
Features other than music 2.7%
Others 2.1%

Q4: What features of the new Sony Network Walkman NW-HD5 are attractive to you? (Select up to 3)

Can record lots of of tracks 51.1%
Long playback time 39.9%
Maker/brand 31.4%
Size/weight 22.0%


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