Since it’s election time here in Japan, let’s look at a survey from Note that this is a self-selecting survey of web users, so please take all numbers with a very large pinch of salt!

Sample size: 4,518. Male 87.6%, female 12.3%

Q: Do you support the current cabinet?

I support them 39.4%
I somewhat support them 11.4%
Don’t know 1.2%
I somewhat do not support them 5.2%
I do not support them at all 42.5%

Q: Which party do you support?

No party 34.9%
LDP (the previous administration) 26.0%
DPJ (the opposition) 24.5%
New Komeito 5.0%
Communists 4.9%
SDP 2.0%
Liberal League 0.1%

Q: Who do you not want to hold political power?

New Komeito 37.7%
Communists 22.2%
DPJ 14.6%
LDP 12.9%
SDP 7.4%
Liberal League 0.4%

I can’t really say to much about these figures, especially since they are probably extremely bogus, being self-selecting. However, there is a high percentage of anti-New Komeito respondents, but how much this is reflected in the real population, I cannot say, but I do know that there are a lot of very vocal antis out there!

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