Stuff guys wish they’d not been told about women living alone


goo Ranking took a look at things men wish they hadn’t been told about women living alone, specifically what perhaps might be a guy’s ideal versus the reality of many a single woman’s solo life.

On television they occasionally show the home lives of both single female celebrities and ordinary people, and the situations that stand out in my memory are both dirty clothes and dirty dishes piled high.

Here’s a random (non-Japanese) sink full of random dishes:

thursday evening
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One in four thinking about a new iPhone, most want more battery life

Might you buy the new iPhone 7? graph of japanese statisticsWith the new iPhone 7 expected to be announced next week, this is a timely survey reported on by Internetcom and conducted by Macromill into the new iPhone.

The rumours I’ve heard are no headphone jack; Bluetooth only, which I can believe Apple would do regardless of customer complaints; and support for Japan’s Felica NFC chip standard, to allow it to be used on public transport here, which I would be surprised to see.
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Where Japan visitors tweet from

Rather than the usual goo Ranking silliness, let’s instead have a look at a ranking from RJC Research and Nightley regarding where inbound tourists post to SNS from.

The survey mentions by name Twitter and Weibo (China’s local Twitter-like service), then “etc”, without going into details on what they might be. How exactly they determined who was a tourist is probably a trade secret, so there was no discussion of that either. It mentions the sample size was about 230,000 SNS entries.

The score reported was based on the number of SNS mentions, but weighted, presumably by how many followers or how many likes a post got. The raw SNS post count was about a third to a half of the weighted score.

The report contained one overall total and five sub-genres, but since the other genres (sights, leisure facilities, nature, and shopping) were partially covered by the main ranking, I’ll only report on the food genre.

Here’s a photo of edible Snoopys from USJ; probably meat (definitely not dog!) filled steamed buns.

USJ, Halloween style
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Why a venue packed with thousands of otaku is no fun

Comiket is Japan’s semiannual or so COMIc marKET, a huge gathering of comic book otaku and cosplayers, self-described as:

Comic Market is a “space” that functions to expand the possibilities of self expression, where the aim is to accept creators of doujinshi and all other types of creative endeavors and maintain continuity.

With that in mind, please enjoy this survey from goo Ranking into what typical happenings at Summer Comiket makes people want to avoid it.

I wasn’t really interested in going myself, so this survey confirms all my biases, and stuff like this won’t change my mind!

Comiket Cosplay - 016
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Summer holiday outings

My summer holidays in Japan ends this weekend, but if you’ve still got some time, here is a survey from @nifty into summer travel that might give you some ideas for what to do.

My summer holidays have amounted to going to the cinema, and this weekend I have an appointment at the dentist…

I’ve not seen any fireworks in the Tokyo region, but I’ve viewed the top three in the West Japan list. I’ve also been to all the five listed West Japan World Heritage sites, but only one of the zoos, although many zoos in Japan are pretty depressing places with tiny cages for huge animals.

Now, pictures of the top (or close to top) locations in Q2 to Q6:

Sumida River Fireworks

Sumida river Fireworks

Naniwa Fireworks (no decent Tenjin photos to be found)


Kiyomizu Temple

Stage at Kiyomizu

Ueno Zoo

Ueno zoo, Tokyo, Japan

FujiQ Highland Haunted Hospital exit

[FujiQ Highlands]  Haunted Hospital
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Surprising things about climbing Mount Fuji

With the summer climbing season in full swing, this survey from goo Ranking regarding surprising facts regarding climbing Fujisan.

I’ve never climbed it, and probably never will, but I know lots of people who are interested in doing so, including many foreigners who often don’t seem to be quite aware of how difficult it is. Here’s one reason why not – it’s utterly packed with people, not just the peak as pictured here, but all the way up.


Research results

Q: What unexpectedly common knowledge amongst Mount Fuji climbers did you not know about? (Sample size=500)

Rank   Votes
1 Crisps, other snack bags swell up due to the low pressue 68
2 Rain, wind, temperature changes are exceptionally harsh 57
3 Breathing becomes painful due to altitude sickness 55
4 People who’ve climbed Mount Fuji tend to say “It’s changed my outlook on life” 46
5 Climbing fee is high 45
6 There’s people underprepared climbing in jeans, sandals, etc 40
7 Don’t really understand the meaning of Fifth Station, Sixth Station, etc 38
8 Lots of foreigners climbing 35
9= Calling people idiots for having never climbed it 31
9= Descending is harder than ascending 31
11 It’s always curry rice on the evening menu at the mountain huts 30
12 Got stuck in the crowds and couldn’t reach the top for the sunrise 28
13 Calling off a climb due to bad weather 17
14 Mountain shop prices are high and often sold out, especially of water 15
15= Mountain huts quilts are damp so cannot get a good night’s sleep 13
15= Hot ramen at the summit is the most delicious in the world 13
17 Calling people idiots for having climbed it twice or more 12
18= Armed forces members casually running up and down are utterly amazing 11
18= The starry sky is really beautiful 11
20 As cars aren’t allowed up the mountain, access is poor and inconvenient 9
21 All hot springs on the route back are totally packed out 8
22 The summit marker post is crowded with people taking memorial photos 6
23 The view looks like the surface of Mars and is actually extremely dull 5
24 People tend to forget bringing a mask for the descent 4


goo Rankings asked iBRIDGE’s Research Plus to conduct this survey, where between the 15th and 21st of July 2016 500 members aged between 20 and 39 of their monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. The sample was 50:50 male and female.

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Japanese English that English speakers won’t understand

This survey from goo Ranking is entitled Japanese English expressions that won’t actually be understood abroad, but the survey description fails to mention as far as I can see what criteria people are supposed to use to choose the words; perhaps they are words they presumed would be understood, but were surprised to see them on the list of Japan-only English?

Of course, anyone from the UK will be surprised to see number 41, and it’s Scotch tape that wouldn’t be understood on these isles.

My least-favourite Japanese English is “yell”, which is used in the sense of cheering for a team, etc, such as in “Sending a yell to the Japanese Olympic team”. Furthermore, due to the lack of a “ye” sound (it was deprecated at some point in the past and only hangs on in a few words like the beer “Yebisu”) the Japanese pronunciation drops the “y”, which only serves to annoy me further about the word.

However, with translations like this being far too common, worrying about whether or not “order-made” will be understood or not seems to be putting the cart before the horse!

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Almost all Japanese heard of Pokemon GO, 2 in 5 smartphone owners played it

Do you know what Pokemon GO is? graph of japanese statistics

With Pokemon GO taking the world by storm, I suppose it is no surprise that this survey from Mobile Marketing Data Labo into Pokemon GO usage found that it was just as popular over here.

I am not in the least bit interested in it, and I don’t understand what all the fuss is about amongst adults who really should know better than to be faffing about chasing beasties that are normally found in McDonalds Happy Meals. Grow up the lot of you, bah humbug.

Here instead is an erotic Pikachu:

Japan As I See It
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Tastes of summer in Japan, from vegetables to ice cream

Which do you prefer? graph of japanese statistics

There’s been a definite lack of good goo Ranking surveys recently, so today I’ll do a ranking and survey hybrid from @nifty looking at the tastes of summer.

I like my Häagen-Dazs, but as I eat it irregularly and usually choose their time-limited special flavours (I have mango milk and truffle sitting in the freezer) I cannot name a favourite flavour. However, I do find the Gelato Meister brand better – despite the naming, it is actually sherbet with high fruit content; I’m looking forward to the 25% Scilian lemon one more than the Dazs’ it’s sitting beside.
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Genius programmer tropes from J-Doramas

This rather entertaining survey from goo Ranking reported on the eccentricities of genius programmers as portrayed in Japanese dramas.

If you want to see more from a Western perspective, get lost in this page from TV Tropes.

Hacker - Hacking - Lupe von Nullen und Einsen - Password - blau
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