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Bad manners in the train and by foreigners


Today we have @nifty’s survey into manners, where I’ll select two ranking-like questions, on bad manners in trains (by Japanese) and bad manners by foreigners.

For the list of bad foreigner manners, I suspect that a lot is confirmation bias, that one bad-mannered foreigner tarnishes the reputation of all. Furthermore, many of these ill-manners can be levelled at the Japanese too; middle-aged women (especially from the Osaka area) are rather noisy in trains, Japanese abroad are quite camera-happy in no photos and no flash areas, around my local station is no smoking, but I’ll see at least one person a day puffing away, and so on.

Foreigners taking photos in “No Photo” areas reminds me of this curious case (scroll down a little).

Here’s a couple of trains manners posters:

Please do it at home.
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Famous people’s irritating Facebook posts

goo Ranking recently asked its visitors what SNS (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) posts by celebrities annoy you; I thought I recently did a similar survey for ordinary people, but I cannot find it right now…

I don’t follow any celebrities, although I occasionally see their Facebook posts through friends of friends. However, I just skip over them, so I have nothing irritating to report.

Here’s a collection of various celebs without their faces on:

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Japan’s most unwelcome helpfulness

goo Ranking recently published an interesting survey into arigata meiwaku, unwelcome helpfulness, when other people read your mind wrongly.

My pet niggle is when convenience store staff put a fork in with my salad instead of the usual chopstick without asking me what I actually want.

I posed this question to a Japan expat forum on reddit and got a bunch of rather interesting replies from longer-term foreign residents of Japan. The most voted-for answer was having people jump in to help if you show even the slightest hesitation around railway ticket machines, which I must say I’ve only experienced once. Next is getting people ask you “Can you eat Japanese food?” and otherwise helping out with the “correct” way to fully enjoy the meal; I do get that too and it is very irritating! What have my readers experienced?

Here’s an example of number 6 – some people are saying that there is social pressure to refold the toilet paper back into a triangle after use!

Kawaii TP
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Stuff guys don’t want to learn about women’s toilets

goo Ranking does seem to conduct a large percentage of their surveys on odd toilet-related topics, for which I thank them! Today’s is about what guys answering the survey wish they hadn’t just learnt about women’s toilets.

In the answers below, a Sound Princess is a device in many female public toilets that plays toilet flushing noises or other white noise to mask sounds while doing the business.

Fortunately, this doesn’t go on in women’s toilets:

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Moving house happenings

Round about April first is the start of the new work and university year in Japan, so there’s a lot of people moving house, so this was the excuse for goo Ranking to publish a survey of what sort of stuff typically happens when moving.

I moved just about a year and half ago, and looking at that list about the only one I’ve had is rather strange next door neighbours. My wife’s convinced that the guy living in the house opposite is a cross-dresser (his washing is hung out right opposite our bedroom window), although I reckon it is just much more likely that his girlfriend has moved in with him.

Here’s a removals truck speeding down a highway somewhere:

A week of panning #1: Super fast truck
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Japanese fill in the blank: Marriage is Life’s [_______]

goo Ranking recently posted (or reposted, looking at the date) a survey into filling in the blank: Marriage is Life’s [_______].

I’ll have to choose the positive answers here, and not just because my wife is looking over my shoulder.

Here’s a random photo from Flickr on the theme of “Japan marriage”:

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Utter disappointments at cherry blossom parties

Today is the day of the Tokyo YouTuber Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) party (still time to catch them at the pub!), and although I couldn’t attend, I can instead send a goo Ranking survey on major downers that happen at cherry blossom viewing.

A friend went to one a couple of years ago in Osaka, but he said everyone was too young so he couldn’t get into the party mood (#10 below), but for me this year, I probably know very few planning to attend (#7) and the few I do know I only know from on-line, and given that the meeting place was Yoyogi Park with no further directions, I’d probably have experienced #9. However #6, too cold for beer, is something I just cannot parse.

Here’s a typical cherry blossom party scene:

花見 上野公園. Hanami, Ueno park. Tokyo Japan 東京 日本
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White Day gifts that make you run a mile

Today is White Day in Japan, a second chance for chocolate makers to sell overpriced gifts; Valentine’s Day in Japan is for women to give gifts to men, so White Day is the day men are expected to return the favour. Thus this survey from goo Ranking looking at what gifts from men would make women run a mile. Furthermore, just to keep the balance, I’ll also present what items their girlfriends pulling from their bag would make men run a mile in the opposite direction.

My White Day gift was a bit of a disaster this year – I had a brush with the ‘flu over the weekend, and today it was pouring down, so I was in no mood for going shopping, so it was just a quick choice of a couple of cakes from a shop on the way home.

Here’s some nice chocolates to celebrate what’s left of the day!

swiss chocolate adapted to japanese habits (27 of 124)
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What Japanese love and hate about cats

I cannot find a nice goo Ranking for Silly Sunday, so instead let’s have some kittens, with a look at what people love and hate about cats by @Nifty, which I’ll present as a ranking.

I’d love to visit this temple!

豪徳寺・招き猫 / Manekineko in Gotokuji - Setagaya, Tokyo

I’m very much a cat person, and I’m joint owned by two of them. Frequent vomiting is probably my least favourite thing, especially as one cat has a chewing habit, and never learns that eating his blanket, eating sticky tape, eating his cardboard bed, etc, are guaranteed to have him spewing up the next day.

By the way, translating this survey I learnt that the breed マンチカン, read Manchikan, is actually called Munchkin in English. When I tried Googling how I thought it was spelt, Google corrected me to Mancunian
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How to ruin a night out at karaoke

Ignoring the obvious line that a night out at karaoke is by definition a night ruined, goo Ranking’s survey for today is a look at what behaviour at karaoke turns people right off.


goo Rankings asked iBRIDGE’s Research Plus to conduct this survey, where between the 18th and 21st of December 2015 500 members of their monitor group aged between 20 and 39, and 50:50 male and female, completed a private internet-based questionnaire.

I’ve not been to karaoke much, not least because I am tone deaf and one of my earliest visits was with a professional singer, so it was hard to get motivated. Fortunately, none of the below happened, and I don’t remember causing any of them either…

Here’s an entrance to a random karaoke parlour somewhere in Japan:

Singing people always smile
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