What aspects of the iPhone Japanese are dissatisfied with


What aspects of the iPhone Japanese are dissatisfied with

Getting into the Christmas Spirit by channeling Scrooge and assorted spirits, let’s look at what might be under a few trees, the iPhone, and in particular people’s dissatisfactions with it.

One thing I noticed last month when a business contact was taking photos – there was quite a lag of over a second between pressing the button and hearing the shutter sound, although the photo was taken as soon as the button was pressed. I also wonder about a recent Google Photos TV advert where someone smoothly scrolls through their photo history – I presume that there’s some issue with the iPhone in this deparment?

As an Android person, I’ve only got second-hand dissatisfactions, but as my Christmas present to my readers, I’ll spare you the details, and instead here’s an iPhone for everybady:

Everybady, soon getting an iPhone

Ranking result

Q: What aspects of the iPhone are you dissatisfied with? (Sample size=3,112)

Rank   Votes
1 Not completely waterproof 377
2 Software updates are a bother 372
3 Shutter sound is noisy 300
4 Battery capacity is too small 296
5 Doesn’t support Osaifu Keitai electronic cash (until October 2016) 128
6 Cannot customise 110
7 Mail is awkward to use 105
8 Text is awkward to type 101
9 Too big and awkward to carry 100
10 Siri functionality is poor 85
11 Don’t need the health care apps 80
12 Don’t need Safari 74
13= Apple Music is awkward to use 61
13= Awkward to search photos 61
15= Home button is awkward to push 60
15= Few apps meet my needs 60
17 Photo quality is poor 57
18 Calendar is awkward to use 53
19 Apps are difficult to delete 52
20 Speaker quality is poor 45
21 Don’t need the shake to delete functionality 43
22= Don’t need speech-to-text 40
22= Maps is difficult to use 40
24 Microphone quality is poor 32
25 Don’t need Spotlight 30
26 Podcast is difficult to use 16
27 Other 332


Between the 21st of October and the 4th of November 2016 3,112 people voted in a public internet-based survey through the goo Ranking web site and partner services. No further demographics were offered.

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