Why foreign men dislike Japanese women’s gait


setTitle(“What do you think about how Japanese women walk in high heels?”);
$chart->addPoint(new Point(“Extremely clumsy”, 22));
$chart->addPoint(new Point(“Clumsy”, 38));
$chart->addPoint(new Point(“A little clumsy”, 30));
$chart->addPoint(new Point(“Looks good”, 10));
What do you think about how Japanese women walk in high heels? graph of japanese statisticsOmron, a healthcare electronics manufacturer, published a survey that serves to advertise their new female-oriented device that diagnoses one’s walking style, with this survey asking foreign men what they think of Japanese women’s way of walking.


Between the 23rd and 31st of October 2014 the company Neon Marketing, on behalf of Omron and underwear manufacturer Wacoal, asked a mere 50 foreign men who had lived in Japan more than a year to fill out a private internet-based survey.

I think Japanese women in high heels, on the whole, are extremely clumsy-looking. Often, they walk like Honda’s humanoid robot Asimov, with knees bent forward and bum sticking out, and stiff legs pivoting at the pelvis only. Furthermore, there is a lack of ankle muscles or ankle support, so most of them twist their ankles with every step. I’ve seen more graceful baby giraffes taking their first few hesitant steps!

Research results

Q1: Do you think Japanese women are kawaii (cute)? (Sample size=50)


Q2: Which aspects of Japanese women do you think are kawaii (cute)? (Sample size=50, multiple answer)

Face, makeup82%
Hair style76%
Body shape72%
Way of talking44%
Way of walking28%

Q3: Which aspects of Japanese women do you think are not kawaii (cute) or a disappointment? (Sample size=50, multiple answer)

Way of walking64%
Way of talking44%
Body shape20%
Face, makeup18%
Hair style16%

Q4: In which scenes do Japanese women’s way of walking bother you? (Sample size=50, multiple answer)

When walking in high heels62%
When walking while carrying things20%
No particular scene20%
When walking around the house in slippers12%
When walking in sneakers12%
When walking in flat shoes, ballet shoes10%

Q5: What do you think about how Japanese women walk in high heels? (Sample size=50)

Extremely clumsy (to SQs)22%
Clumsy (to SQs)38%
A little clumsy30%
Looks good10%

Q5SQ1: What impressions do you have when you seem Japanese women walking in high heels? (Sample size=30, multiple answer)

They look like they have no confidence33.3%
They look odd33.3%
They look like they need to go to the toilet23.3%
They look unwell23.3%
They look like men20.0%
They look older than they are13.3%
They look depressed10.0%

Q5SQ2: About how often do you see a Japanese woman walking clumsily in high heels? (Sample size=30)

Every day70.0%
Once every few days16.7%
Once a week6.7%
Once a month6.7%

Q6: How do you feel when you walk beside a Japanese woman walking clumsily in high heels? (Sample size=50)

Want to avoid walking with them24.0%
Not bothered36.0%
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