Puzzles by far Japan’s most popular smartphone game genre


What smartphone game genre did you play the most in 2013? graph of japanese statisticsJust before the New Year Mobile Marketing Data Laboratory published a survey of the actual use of smartphone apps in 2013, with this report focusing on the questions regarding game app usage; other questions were regarding social network apps and what genres of apps people stopped using. I hope they later release that data also.


Between the 18th and 21st of December 2013 560 members of the MMD Labo monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. All the sample were 20 years old or more, and all had smartphones.

I reckon my most-used genre is games, and Candy Crush Saga in particular. SNS, Google+ specifically, comes a close second, however.

All the game links below lead to the Android version, if there is one. Only two titles appear to be iPhone only.

Research results

Q1: What genre of smartphone app did you use the most in 2013? (Sample size=560)

Free voice calls, chat 30.5%
SNS 14.5%
Game 9.5%
Weather 6.8%
Navigation 3.8%
Movie 3.6%
News 3.4%
Lifestyle 3.4%
Finance 2.7%
Work efficiency 1.8%
Photos, video camera 1.4%
Travel 1.4%
Electronic book, magazine 1.3%
Sports 0.7%
Dictionary 0.7%
Education 0.4%
Catalogue 0.2%
Health, fitness 0.2%
Business 0.2%
Medical 0.2%
Utility 0.2%
Entertainment 0.0%
Music 0.0%
Other 2.1%
None in particular 11.3%

Q2: Did you play any smartphone games in 2013? (Sample size=560)

Yes (to SQs) 52.5%
No 47.5%

Q2SQ2: What genre of smartphone game did you play the most in 2013? (Sample size=281)

Puzzle 48.0%
Virtual pet, virtual garden 7.1%
Simulation 6.4%
Action 5.3%
RPG 4.6%
Sports 3.9%
Quiz 3.9%
Adventure 3.2%
Trading card 3.2%
Education 2.1%
Table-top 1.8%
Shooting 1.8%
Escape 1.4%
Board 0.7%
Racing 0.7%
Trivia 0.7%
Coin (slot machine, etc) 0.4%
Defence 0.4%
Other 4.3%

Q2SQ2: Did you play any smartphone puzzle games in 2013? (Sample size=281)

Yes (to SQ3) 77.9%
No (to SQ4) 22.1%

Q2SQ3: Which smartphone puzzle game did you play the most in 2013? (Sample size=219)

Puzzle and Dragons 30.1%
LINE Pokopang 16.9%
LINE POP 11.9%
Candy Crush Saga 5.5%
LINE Bubble! 5.0%
Puyo-Puyo Quest 4.6%
Keri Hime Sweets 3.2%
Tetris Monster 1.8%
Escape Game DOOORS 3 0.9%
Romance of the Three Kingdoms Puzzle Great Battle 0.9%
Other 19.2%

Q2SQ4: Did you play any smartphone adventure games in 2013? (Sample size=281)

Yes (to SQ5) 31.0%
No (to SQ6) 69.0%

Q2SQ5: Which smartphone adventure game did you play the most in 2013? (Sample size=87)

Quiz RPG Mahoutsukai To Kuroneko No Wiz (Magic user and Black Cat Wiz) 33.3%
LINE WIND Runner 25.3%
Love Story! School Idol Festival 8.0%
Brave Frontier 8.0%
Monhan Daishuryou Quest 4.6%
Tokimeki Restaurant 4.6%
Legion War 3.4%
Treasure Detective Carrie 3.4%
Military RPG Blue Romance of the Three Kingdoms 1.1%
Thousand Memories 1.1%
Other 6.9%

Q2SQ6: Did you play any smartphone non-puzzle and adventure games in 2013? (Sample size=281)

Yes (to SQ7) 34.9%
No 65.1%

Q2SQ7: Which smartphone non-puzzle and adventure game did you play the most in 2013? (Sample size=98)

Dragon Quest VIII 19.4%
Rage of Bahamut 14.2%
Chain Chronicles 10.2%
Monster Strike 7.1%
Clash of Clans 5.1%
LINE Fish Island 5.1%
Sangokushi Rumble 4.1%
Gentou Senki (Mysterious Tower Military History) Griffon 3.1%
Gundam Conquest 2.0%
Legend of Monsters 2.0%
Other 24.5%
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