Hashtags of the year 2013 for Japan


The official Twitter Japan blog recently published the top 10 hashtags of the year and other various popular terms.

Before the top tens, here’s the top one mascot character:


Most popular hashtags of the year

Rank Tag Meaning
1 #艦これ kankore is the abbreviation for Kantai Collection, an amine series featuring (I believe) schoolgirls who dress up as battleships; probably some of the popularity comes off last year’s similarly-themed series on a girls’ school that races tanks.
2 #あまちゃん “Ama-chan” is a popular live-action drama series.
3 #lovelive Love Live, subtitled “School Idol Project”, appears to be another schoolgirl-themed anime.
4 #wbc World Baseball Classic is baseball’s World Cup
5 #shingeki Known in English as “Attack on Titan”, this is another anime, although this time with big swords.
6 #ff14 Final Fantasy 14, a computer game.
7 #tv_free Another animation series, this time called just “Free”.
8 #railgun “A Certain Magical Railgun” is yet another animation series, this time with scientific wizardry as the theme, it seems.
9 #vividred “Vividred Operation” is, yes, yet another animation, and from a quick search it seems to fall well into appealing to the kiddie-fiddler demographic.
10 #c84 This appears to be an abbreviation for the 2013 Summer Comic Market, the 84th time it has been held.

Most often mentioned television dramas

Rank Drama Translation/transliteration
1 あまちゃん Ama-chan
2 半沢直樹 Hanzawa Naoki
3 リーガルハイ Legal High
4 家族ゲーム Kazoku Game
5 ガリレオ Galileo
6 ラスト・シンデレラ Last Cinderella
7 八重の桜 Yae no Sakura
8 孤独のグルメ Kodoku no Gurume
9 ごちそうさん Gochisousan
10 夜行観覧車 Yakoukanransha

Most often mentioned sports

Rank Sport
1 Baseball
2 Football (soccer)
3 Tennis
4 Horse racing
5 Olympics
6 Gymnastics
7 Golf
8 Marathon
9 Football World Cup
10 Sumo

Most often mentioned technology-related keywords

Rank Keyword
2 Facebook
3 Google
4 Electronic books
5 Kindle
6 iPhone5
7 Apple
8 Xperia
9 PS4
10 Wii U

Most often mentioned yuru-character, mascot character

Rank Character
1 Funassi
2 Sanomaru
3 Kumamon
4 Hachimaru
5 Barii-san
6 Shippei
7 Fukka-chan
8 Hikonyan
9 Chiiba-kun
10 Yanana
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