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How much do you like solo activities? graph of japanese statisticsThe Tokyo Advertising Association (there doesn’t seem to be an official translation) recently conducted a survey entitled “University Student Awareness Survey Project FUTURE2012”, a not very promising-sounding title, but it actually was rather good and very detailed, and subtitled “Friend relationships-related awareness survey”, which gives a better clue as to the content. japan.internet.com presented the highlights, which I will present here too.


800 students attending universities within the Tokyo city area completed the survey between the 17th and 31st of July 2012, but no further demographic details were given.

In the report presented here the focus was on the first part of the survey looking at solo activities. The full survey looks at SNS, Twitter and LINE activities in greater depth, and I should translate more of it later. For instance, two years ago 96.6% were using mixi and just 12.3% Facebook, but now 90.7% are using LINE (didn’t exist two years ago), 87.7% Twitter (wasn’t asked about two years ago), 70.8% mixi and 66.2% Facebook. Furthermore, LINE is the main tool for 34.7% but Twitter has 48.6%, and Facebook beats mixi 10.0% to 1.7%. Drop me a message if you want to learn more!

Research results

Q1: Which of the following kinds of scope-limited friends do you have? (Sample size=800, multiple answer)

  Have Don’t have
Friends who I only see during classes 63.0% 37.0%
Friends who I only get in touch with when there are tests 39.8% 60.3%
Friends I only meet at my hobbies 33.5% 66.5%
Friends I only meet for meals 26.1% 73.9%
Friends who I only ever talk to on the internet 22.9% 77.1%

Furthermore, 89.9% of the sample said they have friends they consider to be close friends, and on average a student had 5 close friends.

Q2: Which of the following in vogue solo activities have you done? (Sample size=800, multiple answer)

  Actively do Done reluctantly Never done
Solo gyudon (beef and rice bowl) 44.6% 9.0% 46.4%
Solo ramen 42.6% 6.4% 51.6%
Solo family restaurant 29.3% 11.0% 59.8%
Solo cinema 28.8% 3.6% 67.6%
Solo university canteen 24.5% 19.1% 56.4%
Solo karaoke 21.6% 5.3% 73.1%
Solo holiday 14.9% 2.4% 82.6%
Solo drinking 12.6% 4.0% 83.4%
Solo yakiniku (grilled beef) 2.0% 0.9% 97.1%
Solo theme park 1.3% 0.6% 98.1%

This sub-question was for the 752 student who had done one or more of the above activities.

Q2SQ1: Overall, how much do you like these solo activities? (Sample size=752)

Like 22.2%
Somewhat like 50.3%
Don’t really like 22.1%
Don’t like at all 5.1%

Q2SQ2: Do you feel lonely doing these solo activities? (Sample size=752)

Mostly feel lonely 32.6%
Mostly don’t feel lonely (to SQ3) 67.3%

Q2SQ3: Why don’t you feel lonely doing these solo activities? Answer how much you agree or disagree with each statement. (Sample size=506, multiple answer)

  So Somewhat so Not really so Not at all so
Because I have my mobile phone, smartphone by my side 23.5% 37.9% 18.4% 20.2%
Because I see other people doing the same solo activity 22.5% 32.6% 18.4% 26.5%
Because I can find out what my friends are up to through SNS 12.6% 27.9% 25.1% 34.4%
Because if I post to an SNS I can get reactions from friends 11.3% 25.3% 28.9% 34.6%
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