Cars judged needed by vast majority in Japan


Would you like to try car sharing? graph of japanese statisticsGiven the quality of public transport and the concentration of the population in urban areas, I was surprised by the results of this survey by MyVoice into car life, where almost four in five rated it necessary to some lesser or more degree.


Over the first five days of March 2009 15,391 members of the MyVoice internet community completed a private online questionnaire. 54% of the sample were female, 2% in their teens, 14% in their twenties, 37% in their thirties, 28% in their forties, and 19% aged fifty or older.

For me, owning a car is not needed in the slightest. I do rent a car twice or thrice a year when we need to visit various cemetaries, but outside these times I can manage shopping either just carrying stuff or getting home delivery; our speciality is going to a nearby Conan home centre and buying two or three trolleys full of kitchen and bathroom items, which we can get delivered to our door for just 800 yen. Add in the train tickets at 1,020 yen and it’s still under 2,000 yen once every six weeks or so, far cheaper than a car could ever be.

Research results

Q1: Do you or family living with you own a car, and if so, what model? If you have more than one, choose the one you use the most. (Sample size=15,391)

Toyota 26.7%
Honda 13.0%
Nissan 12.2%
Suzuki 5.5%
Daihatsu 5.4%
Mazda 4.7%
Mitsubishi 4.5%
Subaru 3.3%
Isuzu 0.1%
Other domestic maker 0.1%
Overseas maker 5.2%
Don’t know the maker 0.3%
Don’t have a car 18.9%

Q2: Do you think a car is necessary for your everyday life? (Sample size=15,391)

Definitely needed 36.3%
Needed 26.2%
Perhaps needed 16.4%
Not really needed 12.9%
Not needed 6.0%
Definitely not needed 2.2%

Q3: For the car you use the most, how long have you used it? (Sample size=car owners)

Less than a year 9.2%
One or two years 16.5%
Three or four years 23.2%
Five or six years 17.5%
Seven or eight years 11.8%
Nine or ten years 8.7%
Eleven or more years 10.0%
Don’t know 2.3%
No answer 0.8%

Q4: For the car you use the most, for how long do you plan to continue using it? (Sample size=car owners)

Less than a year 4.2%
One or two years 12.8%
Three or four years 17.3%
Five or six years 12.4%
Seven or eight years 5.0%
Nine or ten years 3.6%
Eleven or more years 3.7%
Don’t know 40.1%
No answer 0.9%

Q5: When do you use your car? (Sample size=car owners, multiple answer)

When going to the supermarket, doing other regular shopping 77.6%
When I have lots of luggage, buying large items 69.9%
When moving family, etc around 69.2%
When going to eat 60.1%
When going for a drive 59.0%
When going on holiday 56.5%
When going to hospital 56.3%
When going out with friends 39.0%
When going to work 31.9%
When going on a date 14.8%
When just aimlessly crusing around 9.2%
When I want to be alone 4.8%
When going to school 4.5%
Other 6.2%
No answer 0.7%

Q6: What do you do in your car? (Sample size=car owners, multiple answer)

Listen to music 57.9%
Chat to passengers 41.7%
Listen to the radio 33.8%
Only do what’s necessary to get to when I want to go 24.1%
Eat, drink 11.9%
Watch television 11.8%
Sleep 10.8%
Use mobile phone email, voice calls 4.7%
Surf the internet 3.3%
Read a book 3.1%
Play a computer game 1.9%
Read a newspaper 1.2%
Other 2.9%
No answer 0.8%

One hopes that watching the television, using a mobile, etc is restricted to when one is a passenger!

Q7: Would you like to try car sharing? (Sample size=15,391)

Definitely want to do 2.8%
Perhaps want to do 10.3%
Can’t say either way 24.3%
Perhaps don’t want to do 23.3%
Defintely don’t want to do 18.9%
Don’t know what car sharing is 19.7%
No answer 0.7%
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