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Do you like Kinnikuman? graph of japanese statisticsHere’s an interesting topic from MyVoice: since last year was the 29th anniversary of the animation character Kinnikuman, they performed a survey on that very topic of Kinnikuman, which translates as Muscleman.


Over the first five days of December 2008 14,858 members of the MyVoice internet community completed a private online questionnaire. 54% of the sample were female, 1% in their teens, 16% in their twenties, 36% in their thirties, 29% in their forties, and 8% aged fifty or older.

If you want to decorate your mobile phone, Strapya will sell you Kinnikuman and friends as straps, or even as USB sit-up devices.

If you’re wondering why the 29th anniversary, the digits 2 and 9 may be read as ni and ku. Additionally, the Kin in his name can also mean Friday, so kin-ni-ku is Friday 29th, which is why that becomes Kinnikuman Day.

If you want more than enough information on Kinnikuman in Japanese, there is the Nikupedia, which as the names suggests is a version of Wikipedia dedicated to Kinnikuman.

For a bit of trivia relevant to English speakers (by the way, the characters were released in the USA in the mid-eighties as M.U.S.C.L.E), the ending theme song for one of the series was sung by Kent Derricott, a Mormon missionary to Japan who became a television personality over here. Here is the video proof:

Research results

Q1: How much do you know about Kinnikuman? (Sample size=14,858, multiple answer)

Heard the name 85.4%
There’s been a animated series broadcast on telvision 75.4%
There was a craze for an eraser shaped like the character 57.0%
Kinnikuman’s favourite food is gyudon beef bowl 55.8%
It was serialised in the weekly Shonen Jump comic 45.0%
Know the outline of the comicbook story 45.0%
There was a Kinnikuman video game released 33.0%
“Kinnikuman the Second” was serialised in the Weekly Playboy 19.3%
There is a Kinnikuman slot machine 18.0%
Can name over ten superheroes that appeared in Kinnikuman 17.8%
New characters appeared based on reader submissions 14.4%
Know Kinnikuman’s superhero Power score 6.7%
Each Friday the 29th is Kinnikuman Day 6.4%
Don’t know Kinnikuman at all 3.2%

Q2: Do you like Kinnikuman? (Sample size=those know it)

Love it 4.6%
Like it 23.7%
Can’t say either way 40.0%
Don’t really like it 18.3%
Don’t like it at all 10.2%
No answer 3.1%

Q3: Which of the following characters that have appeared in Kinnikuman do you know? (Sample size=those know it, multiple answer)

Kinnikuman 90.0%
Ramenman 68.3%
Terryman 59.7%
Meatboy 58.0%
Robin Mask 53.4%
Buffaloman 44.4%
Brocken Jr. 42.7%
Warsman 40.4%
Geronimo 34.5%
Ashuraman 34.3%
Wolfman (Rikishiman) 30.7%
Black Hole 21.5%
Neptuneman 20.7%
Sunshine 20.2%
Akuma Shogun 18.3%
The Ninja 18.0%
Kinnikuman Zebra 18.0%
Springman 17.2%
Neptune King 13.5%
Kinnikuman Super Phoenix 13.5%
Planetman 13.4%
Kinnikuman Soldier 13.3%
Mister Kamen 11.9%
Kendaman 11.7%
Altantis 11.0%
Sneagator 10.2%
Sneagator King 10.2%
Kinnikuman Mariposa 9.6%
The Mountain 9.2%
Kinnikuman Big Body 8.9%
Screw Kid 8.1%
Junkman 8.0%
None of the above 4.8%
No answer 2.0%

Q4: For the 29th anniversary, various events were held and goods were for sale. Did you know about that? (Sample size=14,858)

Yes, and attended an event and bought goods 1.9%
Yes, but didn’t attend an event nor buy goods 18.4%
Yes, and either attended an event or bought goods 1.8%
Didn’t know about it 77.9%

Q5: What events did you attend or what goods did you buy? (Sample size=those who attended events, bought goods in Q4, multiple answer)

Kinnikuman Festival (Sukiya, Nakao, etc restaurant promotion) 68.7%
Bought Kinnikuman Chinese meat bun at Lawson convenience store 19.3%
Visited Yahoo! JAPAN Kinnikuman 29th Year anniversary feature 9.5%
Visited official Kinnikuman 29th Year anniversary site 8.2%
Kinketsu reprint 8.0%
Watched Kinnikuman film festival special night 7.3%
Bought Kinnikuman complete DVD box 6.7%
Bought Nikuman – Kinnikuman Yorozu book (29th anniversary book) 5.1%
Bought Kinnikuman theme song collection 4.0%
Attended Jump Festa 2008 3.6%
Bought G-Shock Kinnikuman 29th anniversary watch 2.9%
Attended Tokyo International Animation Fair 2008 2.5%
Participated in Yamanote Line 29 stations and Kinnikuman 29th anniversary “29 keywords search!” event 1.1%
Other 9.3%
No answer 3.1%

Q6: If you see a collaboration between a company and any animation character, does this raise your desire to purchase goods? (Sample size=14,858, multiple answer)

Very much more likely to buy 4.3%
Quite a bit more likely to buy 37.2%
No change 28.4%
A little less likely to buy 11.6%
Not likely to buy at all 17.7%
No answer 0.8%
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