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Have you visited your local authority's web site? graph of japanese statisticsA new-to-me research company called realworld realresearch, which from a quick look at their site seems to be more in the business of being a shopping and stuff portal than a research agency, recently performed a survey into local authorities and IT, as reported by japan.internet.com.


On the 13th of October 2008 1,199 people selected by some undescribed means completed a presumably online questionnaire. 52.0% of the sample were female, 15.0% were in their twenties, 16.0% in their thirties, 18.0% in their forties, 21.0% in their fifties, and 30.0% in their sixties. Given the round percentages, don’t ask why they couldn’t find one more person to round the sample up to 1,200! It’s also a curiously top-heavy sample, with the majority of the sample being over fifty.

I’m surprised that (as far as I know) no local authority has tried moving more services online, as one still needs to get a paper print-out of one’s residency certificate for such things as mortgages and other large loans, or at least why there cannot be vending machines that will spew out the documents 24-7 instead of requiring people to attend during working hours.

Here’s my town’s application form download service.

Research results

Q1: Does the local authority that you reside in have a web site? (Sample size=1,199)

Yes (to SQ1) 81.8%
No 1.8%
Don’t know 16.4%

Q1SQ1: Have you visited this web site? (Sample size=981)

Yes (to SQ2) 86.1%
No 13.9%

Putting the two together we get the following data.

Q1+Q1SQ1: Have you visited the web site for the local authority that you reside in? (Sample size=1,199)

Yes 70.5%
No 11.3%
Doesn’t have a web site 1.8%
Don’t know if it has a web site 16.4%

Q1SQ2: Have you ever used the following services on this web site? (Sample size=845, multiple answer)

  Votes Percentage
Getting application forms for residency certificate copies 313 37.0%
Getting application forms for residency certificate changes 286 33.8%
Getting application forms for family register copies, changes 269 31.8%
Getting application forms for national health insurance-related matters 160 18.9%
Getting application forms for care-related matters 147 17.4%
Other 217 25.7%
Not got any application forms 269 31.8%
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