Day of the Cat: Cats’ favourite places


Today, 22nd of February, or 2/22, can be read as “nyan, nyan, nyan”, the sound of a mewing cat, therefore it has been designated as the Day of the Cat. To celebrate, goo Ranking looked at where cats like to enter. Yes, that is a stupid question!


Between the 22nd and 25th of January 2008 1,126 members of the goo Research monitor panel completed a private online questionnaire. 45.6% of the sample was male, 3.6% were in their teens, 15.8% in their twenties, 35.1% in their thirties, 27.3% in their forties, 11.0% in their fifties, and 7.3% aged sixty or older. Note that the score in the results refers to the relative number of votes for each option, not a percentage of the total sample. How many were cat owners or cat lovers was not documented.

Two of the top cat blogs are Mako and the superstar of the cat world, Hatchan, who is immortalised in not just photo books, but they also have stuffed toys of him in real-life poses, real-life size and weight. Number 11 might be unfamiliar to you, but searching Google images for 猫なべ,neko nabe, will soon educate you as to what it is all about. Alternatively, here’s a video via Japan Probe:

Ranking results

Q: What locations do cats like to enter? (Sample size=1,126)

Rank   Score
1 Kotatsu 100
2 Futon (quilt) 57.5
3 Under the bed 48.6
4 Under the sofa 41.4
5 Gaps between sliding doors 40.0
6 Empty boxes 38.9
7 Into crossed legs 35.0
8 Cage 32.4
9 Under fringes (of curtains, perhaps?) 27.0
10 Gaps between curtains 26.9
11 Nabe pots 24.5
12 Piles of washing 21.0
13 Paper bags 20.1
14 Supermarket bags 18.0
15 Rubbish bins 6.4
16 Bookcase 6.0
17 Human toilet 6.0
18 Carry case 3.6
19 Shoes box 3.5
20 Washing machine 3.0
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