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WJT will be getting reformed round about the New Year, so there’s a few changes in the pipeline I’d like to inform my readers of, and I even have a mini poll on one proposed change.

A New Logo

I’ve recently commissioned a new logo for the site, and with the help of a few regular readers we’re choosing a new masthead for the site, which hopefully will be ready and unveiled next week. This logo will become the What Japan Thinks brand identity; I’m excited to see what will happen with the new corporate identity, and I hope you all like it. I’ll be going as far as opening a T-shirt (and other knick-knacks) online store should you feel the need for some brand shopping.

New Advertising Opportunities

Despite a recent post where I pooh-poohed WJT’s Google-slap, I have reconsidered my position and come to a completely different conclusion.

The Google-slap is perhaps 80% the spreading of fear, uncertainty and doubt, but there is also perhaps 20% that flags the penalised site as having lowered trust, so it is a penalty not just on the site itself and the pointed-to sold links, but also on the genuine editorial links. The text link market model is no longer sustainable, and there surely will be an impending price crash. Therefore, by continuing to sell links, I am not supporting the sites I like as much as I can, so I have resolved to phase out my paid-for links.

To compensate for this, and to provide new and hopefully better value-for-money options for my advertisers and perhaps even to forge new alliances, I am going to add two new graphical advertising slots to the right-hand side of the header (nofollowed to keep Google happy), using these 125 x 125 buttons that seem to be all the rage these days. I plan to write to some of my existing advertisers, but if any other readers are interested in a commercial relationship, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m still working out the details, including sweeteners in addition to just the advertisement, but I’m looking at a price range of $1.5 to $2 CPM depending on length of contract, from one month to six months. Current traffic is around 65,000 page views per month, with 32,000 unique visitors, so a price range from $75 to $100 per month would be a ballpark figure.

Note that I am open to offers for other kinds of banners too.

A New Poll

Despite being the internet’s leading source of free market research and other polling and survey information from Japan, I’ve never actually conducted a poll amongst my users. Let me rectify this now.

With the new logo mentioned comes a decision. Up to now my logo has effectively been 世論, seron, the kanji for public opinion, but what do people think of it? Please indicate your opinion below, and add a comment if needed.

Should WJT keep the kanji?

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