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Do you want to read comics, manga on mobile phones? graph of japanese statisticsHere’s perhaps a first for all the surveys I’ve translated over the two years or so the site’s been running; a survey not specifically concerned with an adult topic but it actually has data on adult issues rather than leaving the items to fall under the “other” catchall. This event occured in a survey conducted by MyVoice into mobile manga (comics).


Over the first five days of October 2007 17,110 members of the MyVoice internet community completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 54% of the sample was female, 2% in their teens, 16% in their twenties, 40% in their thirties, 27% in their forties, and 15% in their fifties.

Q3 is the interesting answer! I’d love to see a more detailed by sex breakdown, especially to see who is reading the BL comics. I wonder what percentage is feamle, as my wife has a few manga that may fall into that category, but they are written and drawn by women and the characters seem very Takarazuka-esque, but then it becomes GL; indeed, is there such a category?

Research results

Q1: How much do you spend per month on comics, manga? (Sample size=17,110)

Don’t buy comics, manga 64.1%
500 yen or less 15.9%
501 to 1,000 yen 9.0%
1,001 to 2,000 yen 6.0%
2,001 to 3,000 yen 2.6%
3,001 to 5,000 yen 1.5%
5,001 to 10,000 yen 0.6%
More than 10,000 yen 0.3%

Q2: Do you know about being able to read comics, manga on a mobile phone? (Sample size=17,110, multiple answer)

Yes, and read them for free 13.0%
Yes, and have monthly subscription 1.8%
Yes, and buy individual comics 1.2%
Know about it but don’t read them (to Q6) 59.4%
Don’t know about it (to Q6) 25.8%

Q3: Which genres of comics, manga have you read on mobile phones? (Sample size=mobile comic readers, multiple answer)

Love story 31.3%
School story 27.5%
Action, adventure 20.3%
Gag, comedy 18.8%
Work, industry 11.7%
Sport 10.8%
Four-panel strips 8.9%
Adult 8.3%
Robot, SF, fantasy 8.1%
Horror, weird 7.3%
History, period piece 6.8%
Mystery, suspense 5.9%
BL (Boys Love (yaoi)) 4.9%
Nature, animals 2.6%
Hobby 1.7%
Other 4.4%
No answer 2.4%

Q4: How much per month do you spend on comics, manga for mobile phones? (Sample size=mobile comic readers)

Only read free contents 7.8%
100 yen or less 6.7%
101 to 200 yen 8.0%
201 to 300 yen 19.3%
301 to 500 yen 31.2%
501 to 700 yen 7.4%
701 to 1,000 yen 6.1%
1,001 to 1,500 yen 5.4%
1,501 to 2,000 yen 1.7%
More than 2,000 yen 4.6%
No answer 1.7%

Q5: Why do you read comics, manga on mobile phones? (Sample size=mobile comic readers, multiple answer)

To occupy free time 65.0%
Useful to read when commuting 18.0%
Isn’t bulky like books or magazines 14.7%
Wanted to read again works I’d read long ago 10.2%
Less trouble than mail order or visiting a bookshop 8.0%
Exclusive mobile titles are available 5.9%
Can read titles that are difficult to buy in shops 5.3%
Can read stuff without others knowing what it is 5.1%
Cheaper than real books or magazines 5.1%
Other 4.3%
No particular reason 14.9%
No answer 3.5%

Q6: In the future, would you want to read comics, manga on mobile phones? (Sample size=17,110)

Definitely read 1.6%
Perhaps read 8.9%
Can’t say either way 21.0%
Perhaps not read 26.6%
Not read at all 41.8%

Q7: What kinds of mobile phone contents do you currently use? (Sample size=17,110)

Weather 42.7%
News 37.6%
Traffic information, maps 34.6%
Ring tones 32.1%
Games 15.6%
Restaurant guides 12.8%
Wallpapers, characters 11.1%
Shares, stocks, investment information 10.1%
Shopping, auction 9.0%
Music 8.6%
Travel 7.4%
Study, dictionaries 6.4%
SNS, blog 6.4%
Film 6.3%
Fortune telling, quizzes 6.2%
Television, one seg 6.2%
Leisure 6.1%
Manga, anime 2.5%
Novels, essays 1.9%
Magazines, books 1.3%
Other 4.7%
Don’t use any mobile contents 22.7%
Don’t have a mobile phone 4.9%
No answer 0.2%
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