Japanese want to live close to ice cream, coffee and doughnuts


Here’s a fun survey from goo Ranking on what foreign food chain people would like to see open near to their homes. The survey was conducted between the 28th and 30th of August 2007.

Looking at the list, Subway is about the only one I’d want near to home. Taco Bell seems a curious one to appear in the list; I’m not aware of any in Japan, and Mexican food of any kind is definitely a rarity in Japan.

The still stupidly-popular Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is due to open their second shop on the 12th of October 2007 at Yurakucho in Tokyo, it seems.

Research results

Q: What foreign food chain would you like to see open near to your home?

Rank Chain Score
1 Haagen-Dazs 100
2 Starbucks 89.9
3 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts 60.7
4 Subway 52.5
5 Burger King 46.0
6 Taco Bell 31.5
7 Hard Rock Cafe 30.0
8 Wendy’s 27.1
9 Cold Stone Creamery 26.9
11 Dunkin’ Donuts 25.3
12 Coca Restaurant 20.7
13 Cinnabon 20.2
14 Seattle’s Best Coffee 18.6
15 Quiznos Sub 18.1
16 The Pita Pit 18.1
17 Baskin-Robbins 17.8
18 KUA’AINA 15.0
20 Planet Hollywood 14.5
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