Almost all Japanese aware that terrestrial analogue television is going away


Do you know that on the 2011/07/24 analogue TV will end? graph of japanese statisticsWith the analogue switch-off coming ever closer, and with awareness campaigns being conducted on television, newsprint, and even in English on the internet, reported on a survey conducted by goo Research on the topic of television.


Between the 7th and 10th of September 2007 1,079 members of goo Research’s online monitor panel completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 52/6% were male, 16.9% were in their teens, 17.5% in their twenties, 21.6% in their thirties, 16.1% in their forties, 15.9% in their fifties, and 12.0% aged sixty or older.

I’m still not ready for digital broadcasting. My television has the required digital input, but we have no digital tuner. My current thinking is to buy a hard disk-based recorder with built-in tuner, or even take up my cable operator’s deal of a low-rental recorder offered with their digital service.

Research results

Q1: Do you know that on the 24th of July 2011 terrestrial analogue television broadcasts will be turned off? (Sample size=1,079)

Knew that 91.1%
Just vaguely aware of it 8.5%
Didn’t know 0.4%

Q2: What sorts of television broadcasts do you watch at home? (Sample size=1,079, multiple answer)

  Votes Percentage
Analogue terrestrial 991 91.8%
BS satellite analogue 414 38.4%
Digital terrestrial 313 29.0%
Cable television 298 27.6%
BS satellite digital 262 24.3%
CS satellite digital 143 13.3%
One Seg digital terrestrial 135 12.5%
IPTV (internet-transmitted TV) 23 2.1%
Don’t know 15 1.4%
Other 5 0.5%

I’m not sure how those who don’t have a television voted.

Q3: Will you buy a television, video, etc capable of receiving digital terrestrial broadcasts? (Sample size=1,079)

Yes, plan to buy 57.6%
No, will change to a different transmission type (satellite, cable, etc) 5.5%
No, give up watching TV 2.5%
Yes, already bought 32.1%
Other 2.3%
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