What Japanese hate about going to the dentist


One of my favourite subjects, and one of the perennial favourites of Google searchers, is Japanese teeth. With today being Dental Caries (Decay) Prevention Day (in Japanese, one way of reading June 4th is mu-shi, which is the first two syllables of the phrase 虫歯予防デー, mushiba yobou de-, or the aforementioned Dental Caries Prevention Day), let’s take a timely look with goo Ranking at what people are most afraid of when going to the dentist. Note that this survey excludes the contents of the treatment itself.

Ranking results

Q: When you go to a dentist surgey, what do you dislike the most?

Rank   Score
1 Sound of the drill from the waiting room 100
2 I’ll have to go many more times 89.1
3 Waiting time 64.0
4 High cost of treatment 47.1
5 I must open wide 46.9
6 Saliva-sucking vacuum 43.9
7 Smell of the surgery 38.4
8 Being unable to open or close my mouth after an injection 34.5
9 The sound of children screaming 30.7
10 Having expensive work done 28.3
11 Dentist seeing multiple patients at the same time 21.3
12 Shared slippers 19.9
13 Being told to raise my hand if it hurts 19.1
14 Medicines inside my mouth 18.8
15 Dentist’s face coming close during treatment 15.4
16 Dentist’s fingers in my mouth 14.6
17 Lots of interns watching the treatment 12.7
18 Lamp being blinding 12.4
19 Gargle cup not being disposable 12.4
20 Dentist talking during treatment 7.9
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