Three in ten Japanese want to use mobiles in the bath


How water resistant would you expect a mobile to be? graph of japanese opinionBetween the first and fifth of March this year, yet another survey that MyVoice conducted was into the matter of water-resistant mobile phones.


15,771 members of their online community successfully completed the survey. 54% were female, 2% in their teens, 19% in their twenties, 39% in their thirties, 26% in their forties, and 14% in their fifites.

I must say this is perhaps the oddest mobile phone topic I’ve translated! The only waterproof mobiles I know are the rather chunky and masculine G-Shock watch-inspired G’zOne Casio mobile phones, although I don’t know what the situation is regarding just splash resistance in other handsets. I’ve never given mobile phone waterproofing any thought, myself, and quite frankly I worry about those people who seem to want to read ebooks on their mobiles in the bath, and I hope there is no intersection between the group wanting to use in the bath and those wanting to take photos!

Survey results

Q1: Which mobile phone service provider do you primarily use? (Sample size=15,771)

NTT DoCoMo 44.1%
au by KDDI, TU-KA 28.4%
SoftBank 19.7%
Other 0.1%
Don’t have a mobile phone 5.3%

Q2: Is your current mobile phone water resistant? (Sample size=mobile phone users)

Is water resistant 3.0%
Is not water resistant 76.2%
Don’t know 20.5%
No answer 0.3%

Q3: What degree of water resistance would you expect to see in a mobile phone? (Sample size=mobile phone users)

Withstand 30 minutes at one metre deep 14.4%
Withstand submerging in sink 34.3%
Withstand shower 17.2%
Withstand wet hands 20.7%
Don’t care whether water-resistant or not 8.6%
Don’t need water resistance 3.2%
No answer 1.6%

Q4: If your phone was water resistant, where might you use it? (Sample size=mobile phone users, up to three answers)

In the rain 52.6%
In the bath 30.8%
In the kitchen 30.3%
In the sea, swimming pool, marine sports 28.5%
Working around water 28.5%
In the washroom 22.6%
Doing water sports 20.2%
Doing outdoor sports 14.7%
Other 1.4%
No particular place I want to use 11.5%
No answer 1.0%

Q5: If your phone was water resistant, what kinds of things would you want to do in wet locations? (Sample size=mobile phone users, up to three answers)

Email 57.9%
Talk 53.6%
Watch One Seg television 29.9%
Listen to music 20.0%
Surf web 15.5%
Take photos 13.9%
Use timer functions 8.8%
Play games 7.6%
Listen to radio 6.8%
Use calculator 3.2%
Read ebook, comic 2.2
Other 0.9%
No particular function I want to use 13.6%
No answer 0.9%

Q6: What sort of features would you hope for in a water resistant mobile phone? (Sample size=mobile phone users, up to three answers)

Small size, weight 44.5%
Shock-resistance 41.5%
Better design sense 26.9%
One Seg functions 24.6%
Many makers producing them 24.3%
Female-oriented design 17.9%
Many colour variations 13.1%
GPS functionality 12.6%
Other 1.6%
Nothing in particular 14.9%
No answer 1.4%

Q7: How important will water resistance be when buying your next phone? (Sample size=mobile phone users)

Important 3.9%
A little important 25.6%
Neither important nor not important 29.7%
A little unimportant 24.8%
Unimportant 12.0%
Don’t know 2.6%
No answer 1.3%

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