The Great Natto Famine of Heisei 19


UPDATE: This diet does not work!

I’m sadly unable to find any surveys related to the biggest buzz on the English-language internet last week, the release of Apple’s iPhone, so instead I’ll report on goo Ranking’s look at the biggest buzz on Japanese web sites, namely what keywords people are using in goo’s search engine to look for natto. The data was collected between the 7th and 16th of January 2007, or Heisei 19 in the Japanese calendar, thus the title.

Natto is fermented soya beans, and if you search YouTube for natto you can see rather a lot of foreigners (and one cat) trying to eat it. (link flood coming up!) The shortage of natto has been widely blogged about, and was sparked by Aruaru Daijiten, a popular health (and quackery) show, who in their first show of the New Year introduced the natto diet, which is basically one pack of natto before breakfast and evening meals, then eat just as much as you normally do, assuming the natto hasn’t put you off your food altogether! The most beneficial way to eat natto is to stir it at least 50 times then leave it to stand at room temperature for 15 minutes. It’s something to do with assisting the production of DHEA to increase your metabolic rate, apparently.

In other related news, World Net Daily (I can’t believe I’m linking to that rag!) reported how soy beans turn you gay; natto may be one of the most potent soy bean products, if this video is to be believed! (Note – not really recommended for viewing at work, and probably highly offensive to the typical World Net Daily reader)

Notes in brackets are explanations by me. Note that the show that broke the news, Aruaru Daijiten, does not feature in the search results, which suggests that they have filtered them out. Note also that some results feature more than once – this is due to different order of words or positioning of spaces.

Rank Search Keywords Score
1 Natto 100
2 Natto diet 27.0
3 Natto recipe 3.9
4 Okame (brand name) natto 1.6
5 Natto how to make 1.6
6 Natto sold out 1.6
7 Kume (brand name) natto 0.5
8 Bacillus natto 0.4
9 Natto television 0.3
10 How to eat natto 0.3
11 Sugared red beans (“sweet natto” in Japanese) 0.2
12 Fancl (brand name) natto 0.1
13 Sugared red beans how to make 0.1
14 Effect of natto 0.1
15 Natto maker 0.1
16 Natto kinase 0.1
17 Natto soup 0.1
18 OMC (supermarket chain) cheap natto 0.1
19 Natto pasta 0.1
20 Mito (brand name) natto 0.1
21 Otofuke (brand name?) natto 0.1
22 Daiei (supermarket chain) cheap natto 0.1
23 Listed stock natto
24 Natto kimchi
25 Natto news
26 Natto society
27 Natto ventilation (I think this refers to letting it “breath” after opening)
28 Natto boom
29 Natto bald
30 Natto chahan (served over fried rice)
31 Natto toast
32 Mold countermeasures natto
33 Natto overating ventilation
34 Natto delivery service
35 Nato avocado
36 Kaneyama (brand name) natto
37 Natto goo
38 Funa (brand name) natto
39 Natto umaibou (Sweet stick, it seems)
40 Natto maker
41 Natto overeat
42 Yoichi (city (and brand?) name) natto
43 Natto and egg
44 Natto illustration
45 Kyuushuu natto manufacture location
46 Natto fart
47 About natto
48 Natto Mitsukan (brand name)
49 Home-made natto maker
50 Natto two-pack
51 Natto mochi
52 Natto uric acid
53 Natto heart
54 Natto choco
55 DHEA natto
56 Rejuvination effect natto
57 Natto raayu (spicy Chinese oil)
58 Natto all you can eat
59 Polyamine natto
60 Natto pseudoscience
61 Natto package
62 Natto kinase powder
63 Natto rice side dish
64 Natto package ISO
65 Natto composition
66 Mukashinagara (brand name, “old-fashioned”) natto
67 Megabu (brand name) natto
68 Natto mix number of times
69 High blood pressure natto
70 Functional food natto
71 About natto power
72 Natto sold out
73 Rock natto
74 Natto meat sauce
75 Natto ranking
76 Odourless natto
77 Natto gold flakes
78 Dried natto
79 Ulcerative colitis natto
80 Natto infertility
81 Order natto
82 Natto revolution
83 Natto’s secret
84 Natto hate
85 Natto frozen
86 Daikokuji (brand name) natto
87 Baby food natto
88 High power natto
89 Natto = constipation
90 Kume (brand name) natto
91 Natto shortage
92 Natto toast
93 Ventilation natto
94 Okura natto rice
95 Azuma (brand name) natto
96 Good morning natto
97 Natto pregnancy
98 Natto manufacture
99 Functional food natto
100 Natto buy up
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