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Have you ever used a manga cafe? graph of japanese recently published the results of a survey by JR Tokai Express Research into the use of マンガ喫茶, Manga kissa, or comic cafes. They interviewd 330 people from their monitor pool, 60.6% male, 1.5% in their teens, 17.6% in their twenties, 33.6% in their thirties. 25.5% in their forties, 14.2% in their fifties, and 7.6% in their sixties.

Manga cafes are to be found all over the big cities, many offering very cheap prices (if you don’t overstay your welcome) for access to not just their huge stack of comics and magazines, but also computers, showers, DVDs, and even private cubicles for one or two, if you’re after a cheap and private location for a date.

Q1: Have you ever used a manga cafe? (Sample size=330)

Yes (to Q2) 43.0%
No, but I know what they are 54.2%
Don’t know what they are 2.7%

Q2: What do you mainly do in manga cafes? (Sample size=142, multiple answer)

  Votes Percentage
Read manga 99 69.7%
Use PCs or the internet (to Q3) 83 58.5%
Consume food or drink 35 24.6%
Read books other than manga 24 16.9%
Sleep 23 16.2%
Watch DVDs or videos 10 7.0%
Play console games 7 4.9%
Take a shower 5 3.5%
Other 2 1.4%

Q3: What do you do on the PCs in manga cafes? (Sample size=83, multiple answer)

  Votes Percentage
Visit web sites 71 86%
Read and write mail 31 37%
Read and write to bulletin boards 16 19%
Use Social Networking Services (SNS) 10 12%
Update my blog or web site 6 7%
Play online games 5 6%
Print things out 4 5%
Chat 2 2%
View movies 2 2%
Other 3 4%
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