Few Japanese might buy an Intel Mac


What operating system do you use on your home PC? graph of japanese opinionjapan.internet.com, in conjuction with Cross Marketing, performed a survey regarding Operating Systems for their home PC. They surveyed 150 men and 150 women who own computers at home via an internet-based questionnaire. The age demographics were equally split with 16.6% in their teens (actually only 18 and 19 year olds), twenties, thirties, and so on up to 16.6% in their sixties. It is not stated whether each age band was split equally between male and female.

I’m surprised to see that 12.0% of users are still limping along with one of Microsoft’s 16 bit operating system. Whether the one single Linux user reflects the demographics of Cross Marketing’s monitor pool or whether that is a true reflection of Linux in the Japanese home market, I do not know.

Although my headline says few Japanese may buy an Intel Mac, the 14.3% who responded with varying degrees of positivety represents almost four times as many people as the current Mac OS user base, suggesting that the figures are much more positive than at first glance.

Q1: What operating system do you use on your home PC? (Sample size=300)

Windows XP 78.6%
Windows 2000 4.7%
Windows Me 6.7%
Windows 98SE 1.3%
Windows 98 4.0%
Mac OS X 2.7%
Other Mac OS 1.0%
Linux 0.3%
Don’t know 0.7%

Presumably people with multiple boot or multiple computers answered with their most frequently used OS.

Q2: Do you know about the “Intel Mac” based around the Intel CPU? (Sample size=300)

Know a lot about it (to Q3) 16.3%
Heard of it but don’t know the details (to Q3) 48.0%
Never heard of it 35.7%

Q3: Do you think you want to buy an Intel Mac? (Sample size=193)

Already have an Intel Mac 1.0%
Plan to trade up to an Intel Mac 0.5%
Plan to buy an Intel Mac as an additional machine 4.1%
I want to trade up, but difficult budget-wise 5.2%
I want to buy an Intel Mac as an additional machine, but difficult budget-wise 10.9%
Don’t think I want to buy an Intel Mac 38.3%
Can’t say whether or not I want to 39.9%
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